Summary of Thursday 16 December 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting

Councillor Complaint Investigation

No further action will be taken against Councillor David Clifton regarding an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct for Councillors in Queensland.

Benchmarking Report

The Grassroots Steering Committee status report and committee charter were endorsed. The report provides benchmarks against Category 3 local governments across a range of operational areas and makes 27 recommendations to improve the operational efficiency of TRC. It complements information gathered as part of an internal review of operations.

Regional Queensland Council of Mayors

Mayor Marti will represent TRC at the Regional Queensland Council of Mayors, with Deputy Mayor Cardew as proxy. Membership will be reviewed in the third quarter of 2022–23.

Change of Road Name

Johnson Road in Jaggan will be corrected to Johnston Road.

Land Restoration Fund Pilot Project Update

The Land Restoration Fund Pilot Project Update report was received and noted. The project is a Queensland Government Program that supports land-sector carbon projects that deliver environmental, social, economic and First Nations co-benefits.

Occasional Plant Hire

Tenderers for TRC2021-18 for the register of pre-qualified suppliers for occasional plant hire were empanelled, subject to acceptance of contract conditions. The 12-month agreement commences on Saturday 1 January 2022.

Closure of Road

TRC will not object to Malanda Primary School’s application for a permanent road closure for part of Mary Street, subject to conditions. The final decision will be made by Department of Resources.

Contract Variation

A variation of $186,708.15 (ex GST) was approved for the 2021–22 bitumen reseal program. The budget for the program was increased by $425k and the allocation for the 2021–22 road pavement rehabilitation reduced to $75k.

Tolga Sewerage Planning Report

The Tolga Sewerage Planning Report 2021 was noted. The proposed Atherton Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade will include an allowance for future sewering in Tolga equivalent to the capacity of the existing trunk infrastructure.

Financial Report

Operating revenue remains on track with a budget variance of just 1.26%. Employee benefits continue to be under budget with staff vacancies contributing to the underspend.

Pandemic Epidemic Workforce Arrangements Policy

The Pandemic Epidemic Workforce Arrangements Policy was adopted. The policy establishes a consistent approach to TRC’s position on declared pandemics/epidemics and workforce arrangements for employees.

Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

The Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee provides independent advice to the Council and Chief Executive Officer on governance, risk management, accountability, business improvement and audit-related matters. The unconfirmed minutes of the December meeting were noted.

Herberton Childcare Update

In principal support was given for a lease for the Herberton Kindergarten and Childcare Service on registration of Herberton Childcare Incorporated.

Cycling Strategy

An allocation of $80,000 will be made in the 2022–23 operational budget to engage an external consultant to develop the TRC Cycling Strategy 2022–32. The delivery will be an internal/external project and an advisory committee will be established.

FNQ Endeavour Area Committee

Councillor Dave Bilney will the TRC’s representative on the FNQ Endeavour Area Committee.


Council meeting agendas and minutes.

The next meeting of Council will be held at 9am on Thursday 27 January in the Atherton Coordination Centre.