Summary of 21 October Council Meeting

CEO Delegation

Pursuant to the Local Government Act 2009, Council delegates to the Chief Executive Officer the power to exercise any functions or powers of Council under any Contract of Employment, excluding the Contract of Employment between Council and the Chief Executive Officer. The Mayor must agree to the exercise of power to vary the remuneration, term or notice periods specified in any Contract of Employment, excluding those that are subject to an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

Benchmarking Report

Councillors Bilney, Hodge and Clifton will be representatives on the project committee to oversee the implementation of recommendations adopted in the Benchmarking Study and Organisational Review undertaken by Grassroots Connections Australia Pty Ltd.

Priors Creek Strategic Direction

A project steering committee was created to oversee the development of detailed plans for the first stage of the Priors Creek Precinct and a consultancy brief prepared. Upgrading the Vernon Street streetscape including removing the existing toilet block and extending the vehicle turnaround, and planning for a Visitor Information Centre and new signage elements will be a priority. Councillors Hodge and Wilce will be representatives on the project steering committee headed by the Mayor.

Development Permits

A material change of use for a function facility and short-term accommodation at 49 Kulara Road, Barrine is approved subject to conditions.

A material change of use for non-resident workforce and short-term accommodation at Atherton Travellers Park, 138-152 Robert Street, Atherton is approved subject to conditions.


Tender T-TRC2021-09 for a Hook Truck was awarded to Irelands Isuzu for $302,120.52 including GST.

Tender T-TRC2021-13 for a nature play playground in Jack May Park Malanda was awarded to local company Jade Creations for $412,009.40 including GST.

Tender T-TRC2021-12 for Atherton Landfill and Waste Receival Facility contract operator was awarded to EVY Entertainment for $39.50 per hour ($129,757.50 estimate) including GST for 12 months commencing 1 November 2021.

Consultancy WW-319-02 for the Atherton Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade investigation was awarded to GHD Pty Ltd for $381,306.20 including GST.

Regional Strategic Waste & Materials Recovery Framework

Council received and noted the Regional Strategic Waste Framework Advisory Group Briefing Note for Councillors on the meeting outcomes of 30 September 2021 and Strategic Waste Management Plan Budget Report to FNQROC Board of 7 October 2021.

Financial Report

Total revenue remains on track with a budget variance of 0.71%. The current focus is on delivering capital projects, and therefore operational budget is tracking under budget to date. The Quarterly Report for 1 July to 30 September 2021 shows performance towards delivering initiatives in the Operational Plan 2021–22.

Budget Review

The first revised budget for 2021–22 financial year includes a revised capital budget summary and report, and comprehensive income statement. The capital budget review includes adjustments due to scope changes, deferred works and project alignment, with the total capital budget reducing from $30,316,457 to $28,842,481.

Procurement Policy

The Procurement Policy 2021–22 has been updated to include the preference for least cost local suppliers where possible when evaluating offers.

Disaster Management MOU

Tablelands Regional Council will join nine other local government areas to enter a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation across all phases of disaster management.

Community Projects Moratorium

Community project requests will be processed and assessed based on the Community Project Request Policy. The moratorium period has now passed.

Regional Skills Investment Strategy (RSIS)

The RSIS project, a partnership between Tablelands Regional Council and the Department of Small Business and Training (DESBT) has completed, with a report providing an overview of performance towards meeting the project objectives. Council committed to ongoing support for industry skilling and training, and engagement with DESBT.

Rate Debt Recovery

Pursuant to the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Qld), Council will proceed to sell land due to non-payment of overdue rates and charges which have been outstanding for more than three years.


Council meeting agendas and minutes.

The next meeting of Council will be held at 9am on 25 November in the Atherton Coordination Centre.