Plaque Installation Guide

Lawn Plaque on Beam

These memorials are a concrete plinth that hold two, standard-sized plaques (for second interment). Interment and memorials must meet the requirements of our Cemetery Management Policy and Local Laws.

  1. Check if the plaque is to be bolted or glued on. If gluing, use a multipurpose adhesive. If bolting, use 6mm(w) x 60mm(l) stainless steel countersunk Dyna bolts and a masonry drill bit.
  2. Clean the area where the plaque will be placed.
  3. Mark the location. The plaque must be placed on the left-hand side and as close to the number and bottom edge as possible. Do not cover the number.
  4. If bolting, pre-drill 60mm long holes before bolting the plaque in place.
  5. Clean the plaque and beam.
  6. Email us a photo of the installed plaque.