New Bridges for Malanda

Tableland Regional Council is in the final stages of preparation before the commencement of the replacement of Duncan Brown Bridge on Mary Street in Malanda.

‘This is a pretty major project for the town and the finished product will be a vast improvement on the current bridge,’ said Councillor Dave Bilney.

‘Work should start in the next few months and the new bridge will have two lanes and pedestrian access.

‘It is expected to last us for the next 100 years.

‘The increased load limit of 44T will mean trucks and emergency services vehicles will be able to cross the bridge, which is something they can’t currently do.

‘The bridge and road will be closed during the demolition and construction, which is expected to take up to six months.

‘There are multiple detour routes, and the primary one via Forrester Road has had upgraded line marking and signs to accommodate the increased traffic flow during construction.

‘We’ll put up signs with start dates on either side of the bridge once we have these details.

‘While there will be a bit of disruption, we will certainly reap the rewards when the new bridge is opened,’ said Councillor Bilney.

The replacement of the bridge over Williams Creek on Merragallan Road is well underway after a slow start caused by extremely hard rock.

‘Both piers and one of the bridge abutments are complete, and the bridge beams are being constructed offsite,’ said Councillor Bilney.

‘By the end of April the second abutment should be done, the beams transported to the site and installed, and the bridge kerbs completed.

‘After that it will just be the installation of guardrails and reconstruction of the road connections.

‘Hopefully the weather doesn’t interfere too much and we’ll be able to have the road reopened in early June,’ he said.

The total cost of these projects is $5M and they are jointly funded by the Australian Government, under the Bridges Renewal Program, and TRC.

Pictured: Merragallan Bridge