Lend Your Voice To The Herberton Mining Centre

Tablelands Regional Council is searching for volunteer members for a new advisory committee for the Herberton Mining Centre.

‘The Herberton Mining Centre has grown into a significant regional museum and tourist attraction for the Tablelands and, to guide the growth and operations of the centre we are establishing a new advisory committee,’ said Councillor Annette Haydon.

‘The new committee will provide advice on the strategic direction and operations of the centre, and acquisition of items for the museum.

‘Applicants must have a demonstrated interest or experience in the social history of the Herberton area, history of mining and the Herberton Mineral Fields, geology, education, research and archiving, or tourism, and be committed to the preservation and promotion of the region’s heritage.

‘Membership is for two years and the committee meets four times/year.

‘Terms of reference and application forms are available online and applications close on Friday 11 November,’ said Councillor Haydon.