Exhibit In Your Local Gallery

Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) is inviting expressions of interest (EOIs) for 2023 exhibitions in their three galleries.

‘Groups and individuals can apply to exhibit in the Tableland Regional Gallery, Old Post Office Gallery and Foyer Gallery,’ said Councillor Peter Hodge.

‘We’re keen to see EOIs from new individuals and groups, and we encourage artists from outside our region, as well as locals, to apply.

‘Exhibition, gallery and application information are available on our website (trc.qld.gov.au/galleries) and EOIs must be received by 5pm Monday 2 May,’ Councillor Hodge said.

Artist Melissa Waters has been exhibiting on the Tablelands for about 30 years and believes exhibitions are important for showing your ideas and work to a wider audience.

‘Art doesn’t stand still, and neither does the artist, so you need the viewer to be part of the process and to see how your creative journey is progressing.

‘Art is conversation — I put out my ideas, thoughts and emotions and the viewer, who is the end result, may have different views to the ones I have.

‘As artists we need to have these conversations through our exhibitions,’ said Ms Waters.

Artist Melissa Waters with artwork titled Flooded Waters. © Christopher Waters.