Changes to Environmental Significance Overlay Mapping

The Planning Scheme amendments propose changes to the Environmental Significance Overlay Mapping and amendments to the Environmental Significance Overlay Code.

The purpose of these amendments is to ensure that we comply with the Queensland Government requirement to have the most up-to-date mapping in our Planning Scheme.

The purpose of the mapping and the revised code is to ensure:

  • areas of environmental significance are identified, protected and maintained
  • impacts of development on ecological values are avoided to the greatest possible extent
  • ecological connectivity is maintained or improved, and habitat extent is increased
  • development minimises impacts on the environment and enhances ecological corridors
  • the water quality of wetlands and watercourses is maintained
  • the hydrological and ecological functions and services of wetlands and watercourses are maintained.

What Is The Mapping For?

The Queensland Government has a State Planning Policy (SPP) that makes sure the State’s interests in planning are protected and delivered as part of local government planning. The SPP recognises biodiversity and matters of state environmental significance as a key state interests.

Matters of state environmental significance include:

  • protected areas under the Nature Conservation Act 1992
  • marine national parks
  • areas within declared fish habitats
  • strategic environmental areas
  • wetlands and watercourses
  • environmental offset areas
  • threatened wildlife areas
  • marine plant areas
  • regulated/protected vegetation

The Environmental Significance Overlay Map is a spatial representation of matters of state environmental significance. We are required by the Queensland Government to include this mapping in our Planning Scheme.

How Can I Tell If My Property Is Mapped?

What Does It Mean If My Property Is Mapped?

This mapping will not impact current lawful uses on your property. It will also not impact current development approval you may have over your property as long as the development approval remains current.

If you wish to subdivide, change the use of your property or carry out certain forms of building or operational work (e.g. earthworks), the mapping may limit what you can and cannot do in the mapped areas and an impact on the mapped areas may need to be addressed in a development application.

We recommended contacting us and the Department of Resources before undertaking work e.g. vegetation clearing in a mapped area.

What If The Mapping Is Wrong?

Environmental Significance Overlay Mapping is statewide mapping produced by the Queensland Government and errors do occur from time to time. Future development application made over the site will take into consideration the actual environmental values of the site based on site-specific information. If you are concerned the mapping for your property is incorrect, you can make a submission and we will forward your feedback to the relevant state agency. You can also contact the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) and they will direct your enquiry to the relevant state agency.