Category F & G Rate Increases

Tableland Regional Council’s rate notices will be heading for inboxes and mailboxes later this month, and Mayor Rod Marti is flagging some big changes, especially for rural landowners.

‘New land valuations were issued by the Department of Resources in 2021–22 and, while valuations varied across the region, many valuations have increased very significantly.

‘Primary production (Category F) and large grazing properties (Category G) were most affected.

‘On average, category F land values increased by 43% (or $234K) and Category G by 94% (or $1.3M).

‘We are required by the Local Government Act to use land valuations in the calculation of rates and, faced with the significant valuation increases last year, we did two things for Category F and G properties.

‘First we adopted a land-value averaging strategy to run over two years and, second, we decreased the cents in the dollar used in the calculation for those categories.

‘This is the final year of land-value averaging which means the new land valuations are fully applied to the rating calculation.

‘The average increase in general rates for Category F is $1020 per annum, while the average increase for in Category G is $3530 per annum.

‘While the valuation averaging tool was intended to spread the impact of rates increases over two years, much of the rating impact has fallen into the second year,

‘We have just written to all Category F and G landowners whose rate increase was 10% or more and advised them of their rate increase for this year.

‘We are simultaneously undertaking a service review to understand the cost of service delivery and better inform how our operations and expenditure can be more efficient.

‘We are also looking closely at how equitably rates revenue is redeemed across the various rating categories.

‘In this respect, our residential rating categories are arguably over-burdened when compared against the collective land value of the residential category,’ said Mayor Marti.